And now something practical

The remainder of the verso is occupied with magical spells of considerable interest, unfortunately marred by numerous lacunae. The first of these is directed against a complaint called by the Egyptians gs-tp ‘half-head’, which Goodwin long ago recog nized as the origin of the Greek [hemicrania], our ‘migraine’ or ‘megrim’. There could be no more eloquent testimony to the dependence of Greek upon Egyptian medicine.

i) A CHARM FOR EXORCIZING HEADACHE. 0 Rë, 0 Atüm, 0 Shu, 0 Tefënet, 0 GEb, 0 Nut, O Anubis in front of the divine shrine, 0 Horus, 0 Seth, 0 [Isis], 0 Nephthys, 0 Great Ennead, O Little Ennead, come and see your father entering girt with radiance to see the horn(?) of Sakhmet. Come ye (?) to remove that enemy, dead man or dead woman, adversary male or female which is in the face of N, born of M. TO BE RECITED over a crocodile of clay with grain in its mouth, and its eye of faience set [in] its head. One shall tie (?) (it) and inscribe a drawing of the gods upon a strip of fine linen to be placed upon his head. TO BE RECITED an image of Rë, Atüm, Shu, Meliyt, Gab, Nut, Anubis, Horus, Seth, Isis, Nephthys, and an oryx on whose back stands a figure’ carrying his lance.

from Hieratic Papyri in the British Museum, Third Series, Chester Beatty Gift, edited by Alan H. Gardiner

An old book, but, you know, even a seventy-year-old translation of a spell against migraine is worth knowing. At least I assume that other migraine sufferers will agree with me on that one. ;)


One thought on “And now something practical

  1. Sashataakheru says:

    brb setting up an altar just for this spell so I can heka my migraines away.

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