Continuing in “grab a handy book”

For if the universe is animated, it is best understood in terms of human life. We have seen that the Egyptians explained the daily appearance of the sun as its birth; the moon waned because it was the ailing eye of Horus. When barley was made into beer and bread, it was Osiris – manifest in any grain – who died. We shall meet with such images at every turn, and we must not interpret them as allegories, for we cannot abstract a meaning form them without falsifying the beliefs which they express. Images are not ornaments or adjuncts of ancient thought. They are inseparable from it because the ancients reached their insight in a manner which was intuitive and imaginative as much as intellectual.

– Henri Frankfort, Ancient Egyptian Religion

Next in a series of bits of “I grab whatever book seems handy and flip around to find something interesting because my actual reading at the moment is a new translation of the Pyramid Texts and things with that many lacunae are not good for quotes for thought”. ;)


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