Seven was also a number of great potency in Egyptian magic, and spells such as those for the seven magical knots to be tied to relieve headaches and other health problems or the seven sacred oils used in enbalming are frequently found. Mythologically too, seven is important for the same reason. In one myth of Isis, seven scorpions escort the goddess in order to provide her with maximum magical protection. Neith is said to have carried out her work of creation through seven statements, and the sevenfold laugh of the creator is mentioned in late magical texts.

Symbol & Magic in Egyptian Art, Richard H. Wilkinson

I swear one of these days I’ll actually manage to find someone who talk about Nit’s creation myth rather than makes these sidelong references, damnit.


3 thoughts on “Numerology

  1. jewelofaset says:

    She has a chapter in the Great Goddesses of Egypt by Barbara Lesko which references the creation myth.

  2. Edward P. Butler says:

    I discuss the “seven statements” cosmogony mentioned here a bit in my entry on Mehet-Weret:

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