Honoring the Westerner

We need to be very clear about this: ritual actions on the earthly plane do not mimic or even emulate divine acts-in a mystical sense they become those divine actions. The newly lit candle or lamp is not like the radiant light, it is that light. For example, scenes or vignettes that show Djehuty (Thoth) and Heru (Horus) holding vessels filled with water and pouring that water over pharaoh point to an underlying truth. The scene shows streams of ankh hieroglyphs pouring forth from the vessels. Water brings life [ankh in Egyptian], and not solely physical life. When used in sacred rites, it brings divine life on the celestial plane.

Eternal Egypt: Ancient Rituals for the Modern World, Richard J. Reidy

A thousand of bread, a thousand of beer, a thousand of every good thing. May he ascend.


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