The relevant Hornung quote

Creation carries within itself the seeds of decay, and it is only through aging and decline that regeneration and rejuvenation can take place. This fundamental idea of Egyptian culture helps explain many of that civilization’s creative powers and accomplishments. As we have seen, creation is not a single, completed occurrence, in the Egyptian view; it is in need of continual repetition and confirmation. Form can be defined only against that which is formless; and regeneration cannot occur without a journey through nonbeing. Prior to creation, chaos must rule once more.

– Erik Hornung, Idea into Image, “Creation”

In other news, I put some more work into the Suns website and now have the graphics work done and a less terrible value of terrible landing page, whee.


2 thoughts on “The relevant Hornung quote

  1. Sierra says:

    This is a beautiful quote. I don’t have this book of essays, I’ll have to add it to my wishlist.

    • kiya_nicoll says:

      I’ve had it on my list for ages and I finally snagged it and I am sooooo happy with it. (Of course, I’ve been a giant Hornung fanthing for a long time, which helps….) I’m parcelling it out slowly to give myself more chewing time.

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