And the regular Opet reminder

The Emboatening Crew on Kiva is once again cycling through its yearly team-focused charitable lending to provide boats to the world’s boatless. (Or boat repairs, or, you know, whatever.)

We’ve got someone who just needs $200 on our radar right now, so that’s eight loans.

If you’re a member of Kiva, please join the Crew and make this happen this Opet.

If you’re not you are of course welcome to come join us.


2 thoughts on “And the regular Opet reminder

  1. How does it work with a team? Register and join the team first and then wait for someone to say which project?

    • kiya_nicoll says:

      Register, join a team, and then you can throw anything you fund into the credit for the team. Every so often someone will post something for us to focus on – more often during Opet, but not exclusively. (I had a teammate sponsor someone in honor of my new kid this spring, for example!)

      (sorry I was so slow on responding, I missed that i had a comment reply somehow, woops.)

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