Opet Upon Us Again

The Eight Great Gods were your first incarnation
to complete this world, while you were one alone.
Your body was hidden among the oldest primordial beings,
for you had concealed yourself as Amun from the face of
the gods.

You fashioned your form as Tatenen, the Land,
to bring the first gods to birth back in your primeval time.
Your comeliness was honored as Kamutef, strong bull of
his mother;
you distanced yourself to the midst of heaven, remained as the sun,
Came as the fathers who engendered their sons;
and a splendid inheritance was left for your offspring.

You began Becoming–
there was no Being, there was no Void:
The world was from You, in the Beginning;
all other gods came after.

— Leiden I 350, as rendered in Hymns, Prayers, and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry, translated by John L. Foster


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