Nature of the Eye

Everything about the Golden Shrine’s imagery is designed to identify the royal couple with this instrumental ‘dread’ and ‘attraction’, this ‘sympathy’ and ‘antipathy’ that flows through the whole of Egypt–and through the royal marriage. For, on the left side (as viewed from the front), where aggressive themes predominate, Ankhesenamun incarnates as the raging Sekhmet, while on the right side she radiates Hathor’s power and sexual attraction. This contrasting royal love and dread, this manifestation of what the Egyptians called Ba-power, is palpably present on the sides of the Golden Shrine.

Golden Shrine, Goddess Queen: Egypt’s Anointing Mysteries, Alison Roberts

Happy New Year

Opening of the year, causing the appearance of Horus Lord of Ombos; until the 2nd day, resting in the broad hall of Horus and Thoth; offering all good things; offering to Re in his presence; appearing and resting in his temple.

– from the Kom Ombo Temple Calendar, as recorded in Temple Festival Calendars of Ancient Egypt, Sherif El-Sabban

Nothing New Under The Sun

Oh, I’m bound downstream on the Memphis ferry
like a runaway, snapping all ties,
With my bundle of old clothes over my shoulder.

I’m going down there where the living is,
going down there to that big city,
And there I’ll tell Ptah (Lord who loves justice):
“Give me a girl tonight!”


– from Ancient Egyptian Literature, John L. Foster, trans.