State of the Research

I am off on calendars again. (Cue laugh track.)

The current bunny I’m chasing is figuring out how to locate or calculate the appulse of Sirius and the sun. I’ve found a few sites that give their conjunction as falling on between 4 and 6 July, with some consensus on maybe the 5th, which would, by my mythological-and-technical calculation as previously done, place a location-neutral Wep Renpet around 9 August. (With the seventy-day period of invisibility centred on the conjunction, and thus beginning on 30 May. I should look for interesting festivals around the end of May, huh?)

But that’s conjunction (sun and star at same right ascension) not appulse (sun and star at closest approach) and I would prefer appulse. (I wonder if my astronomy textbooks have information on how to calculate this. Not that I can get to them easily, them being up in the attic somewhere, me being six months pregnant and unsuited for ladders, and it being freaking JANUARY.)

Conjunction would be a place to start, at least….


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