I love it when a plan comes together

So my last post led to an astronomer friend calculating the relevant appulse for me, which is doing wonders for my calendar revs. And I started poking around at the structural underpinnings of things as a result, and came up with something I could have come up with years ago if I’d been paying attention from the right angle.

Specifically, that if I assume the appulse of Sirius and the sun falls at the midpoint of the period of invisibility, it would be interesting to see what festivals fall around the start of it.

There is one. Which I faithfully recorded in my calendar spreadsheet when I pulled it out of the El-Sabban book, timed for the start of the disappearance of Sopdet. In my notes it is, from the Esna calendar, “Feast of the beginning of the year, revealing of the face, like 2 Peret 8”.

Me, when taking notes into the spreadsheet: “WTF is a feast of the beginning of the year doing in 2 Shomu?!” All of the other festival notes on this date refer to Nit (as to the 2 Peret 8 ones), so that’s a thing to track down.

Also? If I look up the date of the conjunction, the point when Sirius/Sopdet and the sun are closest?

That’s Aset Luminous.

State of the Research

I am off on calendars again. (Cue laugh track.)

The current bunny I’m chasing is figuring out how to locate or calculate the appulse of Sirius and the sun. I’ve found a few sites that give their conjunction as falling on between 4 and 6 July, with some consensus on maybe the 5th, which would, by my mythological-and-technical calculation as previously done, place a location-neutral Wep Renpet around 9 August. (With the seventy-day period of invisibility centred on the conjunction, and thus beginning on 30 May. I should look for interesting festivals around the end of May, huh?)

But that’s conjunction (sun and star at same right ascension) not appulse (sun and star at closest approach) and I would prefer appulse. (I wonder if my astronomy textbooks have information on how to calculate this. Not that I can get to them easily, them being up in the attic somewhere, me being six months pregnant and unsuited for ladders, and it being freaking JANUARY.)

Conjunction would be a place to start, at least….