More rhythmic ponders:

Most of the months of the Egyptian year have a name referencing their primary festival. The last month of the year was called “Mesore”. Birth of Ra.

In ~2500 BCE, the heliacal rising of Sirius would have fallen in early to mid-July, meaning the previous month would have contained the relevant hemisphere’s summer solstice.

Which is interesting.

One of the calendar books I’ve read – and oh gods I have no idea which one anymore – suggested that Ra had twinned birthdays, as with other forms of twinning – the northern and southern birthdays, corresponding to the solstices. I seem to recall there’s some surviving columns that can be archaeoastronomically tied to the northern and southern reaches of the solar motion. (And that there is an inscription about them – Hatshepsut maybe? – describing the “two roads between which my father walks” or some such. Maybe someone will be able to footnote my brain.)

So there’s an interesting pole to put on the year. Maybe. If one’s so inclined.

It is of course not attested in the way that other things are. But it has an interesting feel.

I dither about it every so often.

(In case it’s not obvious, I have just figured out how to schedule posts on WordPress which means that I may have interesting runs of braindump while I chew on specific problems.)


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