Time and Pacification

So I was thinking about the Great Festival of Djehwty after referencing it in the previous post.

Here is another thing that fits together:

The day after the Great Festival of Djehwty is the Festival of Drunkenness.

Among the associations of that Festival, of course, is the pacification of the Eye – one may recall the red beer offered to Sekhmet in the myth of the Destruction of Mankind. During the unsettled time of the transition from year to year and the Days Upon the Year, the Eye goddesses are ascendant, powerful, dangerous; amulets of cats and lions may have been exchanged to ward off their dangerous attention.

So: if my theory about Djehwty’s guidance over the delicate flow of time in the transition between years is accurate, then the Great Festival is the point at which time is reasserted as entirely, safely normal.

And the day after that the Eye is pacified.

This does not strike me as coincidental: it seems to me that the Eye, having been released and likely enjoying her rampage, needs to be brought back into ordered time, and the point at which that can and must be done is at the point at which time is brought back into its proper place.

… whoa.


One thought on “Time and Pacification

  1. […] which we can uphold the world, set ma’at in its place, the leverage to act within time, but the Eye is still wild, Djehwty has not yet brought the last lunar year to its […]

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