Announcing “Hills of the Horizon”

So my big news for today is that I am now joining Patheos Pagan Channel’s “Agora” blog with a semi-regular column, “Hills of the Horizon”. The first post, which is basically a thematic introduction, went up this morning.

I attempt to keep my work here on Peaceful Awakenings pretty tightly focused on matters Egyptian-reconstructiony, with the research and theology that I explore in that segment of my life and my practice. Aside from limiting my primary topics to things that touch upon that area, I have chosen to limit my discussion of personal matters of religion here: the work I do here does not depend on which gods I do or do not honor and my personal standing with them, the relationships I have with other spirits and Powers, and so on; it does not depend on my training in the Craft and other fields, my work as a poet and storyteller, my sex life, my studies of various crafts, and a variety of other things that matter to me religiously but not to Egyptian reconstruction.

Hills of the Horizon will be a bit less specialised, and a bit more personal. Which means that, while I remain a Kemetic mystic and that will be important to my posts there, I will also be talking about other things that are relevant to my practice, potentially including such things as dealing with my local land spirits, fairy faith, exploring European liminalist survivals, building small community ritual practices, magical work, and so on.

So. I’m kinda tickled to be doing this, and if you’re interested in that subject material too, link’s up top!


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