Today it is Pouring

There are many effects of it pouring on my life. My garden doesn’t need watering, for example. My first-Friday burnt offerings were a pain in the ass to get going and I got a bit of a chill lighting match after match in the rain.

And so on.

Here’s another one:

Since it was my night to make dinner, we went to the grocery store. The parking lot there was a nightmare – not only was everyone trying to go to the store at once (not a frequent occurrence), but they all wanted to park right by the door, and were swerving, cutting people off, and being a menace to other people by doing so. (Walking with the older kid, who wanted to trudge meaningfully through every puddle because she was wearing her rain boots, left me with a significant fear of being run the hell down.)

There were minor things – wiping the puddles out of the car cart, say – that weren’t more than minor matters.

And then we finished and were heading out to the car and…

… not just one, but two fuckwits had left their shopping carts where they were all but blocking the door out of the grocery store. Presumably they abandoned them there to carry their stuff to the car when they saw how rainy it was, or ran and shoved them in the vague direction of the store rather than put them away, or some damn thing. We had to shove one of them a bit to leave the store by that route.

On the way to return our cart, I picked up one of them and put it away too. It was only an extra half-minute or so (the thing wouldn’t stack smoothly so it took a little extra standing in the downpour to joggle it straight), and at least the way out of the store was a bit easier afterwards.

Made my soggy day a little soggier, but people were going to keep drowning in inconvenience until someone did it, and there wasn’t really a good reason for someone not to be me.


4 thoughts on “Today it is Pouring

  1. I have the worst time finding parking spaces in the supermarket. I can only park near the door, and everyone else wants to. The disabled spaces fill up really fast, and I’m left driving round and round. I love it when helpful people see the disabled badge in my window and run over to tell me they’re about to leave and would I like their space? Someone did it yesterday and it made my day. I reckon there’s shopping cart theology in there.

  2. people were going to keep drowning in inconvenience until someone did it, and there wasn’t really a good reason for someone not to be me

    *nods* I find myself doing a lot of things on that basis. Especially around our office, for some reason.

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