Writing from Paganicon

I have given my first presentation, and I lived through it! People seemed to appreciate it, too, so that’s something of a relief because I am Exhibit A for impostor syndrome a lot of the time.

I did tell someone to Google my name to find this and then I tested it and it doesn’t actually seem to work very well, so I am hoping that if I say “I am Kiya Nicoll and I approve this blog” people searching for “Kiya Nicoll” and perhaps “blog” will successfully find Peaceful Awakenings. (One can get here – I have the blog link in my speaker information for Paganicon itself – but it takes more steps than I am entirely happy with.)

It’s pretty interesting, actually, for introvert homebody me to be in a whole different part of the country actually talking to people, and sounding coherent enough that some of them have even picked up the Guide afterwards. There’s this constant kind of adrenaline-hyped manic bits of it for me, honestly, so (for those folks who might actually be here in the Twin Cities and stumble across me) if I seem slightly drugged it’s because I’m faking extroversion really hard and it makes me twitchy and slightly more likely to make obscene jokes.

(I found a lovely blue shirt. It is mine.)


4 thoughts on “Writing from Paganicon

  1. odeliaivy says:

    I typed “kiya nicoll peace” and it was the first and second result in my Google search. So if you add “peace” to what you tell people to search it’ll probably come up and it’s easy and pleasant to remember.

    Glad it went well and hope the rest of the trip does likewise!

  2. Neteruhemta says:

    All of the blue is yours, and I know the blue includes teeth. :)

    I’m glad you decided to come to the Con, it was awesome meeting you in person!

    I wanted to also say thanks here, because I’ve been wrestling with some of my own inner demons and “perceived” shortcomings. Going to both of your talks and being able to have conversation with you helped lay some of those to rest.

  3. Anarchivist says:

    I met you at Paganicon! Today I was sitting on the couch reading your book, and telling my husband how good your presentation was. Came to the Internet to see if you had any other books, and found your blog. So that Imposter Syndrome is lying to you. :) Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    • kiya_nicoll says:

      Thank you so much for dropping by and letting me know. (Other books are a perpetual work in progress at the moment, because of the Covered In Small Children factor. But there are plans! … current plans have to include recovering enough from the flu that I can try to hit a submission deadline for an anthology, actually.)

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