I will be at PaganiCon

PaganiCon is a small pagan convention held just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota; this year it falls on the weekend of March 15-17. Guests of honor this year are Brandy Williams and Orion Foxwood.

I just got the schedule finalisation message last night, so I can say what I will be up to when there:

At ridiculous o’clock on Saturday morning (9am) I will be doing a presentation titled “Digging Up The Mysteries: Building New Rituals from Ancient Roots”, talking about bridging the gaps between ancient mystery religion and mystical practices and things that we can do in the here and now. While I haven’t finished writing my presentation yet (and that is a matter of current panic, believe you me), I am planning on using my work with the Nut cycle as a primary example of how to take ancient materials and start to wrestle with them in order to produce modern pathworkings, mystical explorations, and intimate and power ways of engaging with the gods.

At 1pm on Sunday I am doing my other talk/discussion, “Living the Customs of Our Religions: Paganism in Households”. Like many other folks, I’m a product of the Pagan Book Explosion of the 90’s, and thus in an environment in which it seemed like everyone was assumed to be doing this religion thing on their own, possibly while living with disapproving parents. And, y’know, at this point I’m pretty sure a lot of that information just doesn’t make any damn sense to someone who’s in their mid-thirties, settled down, has a job, kids, spouses, housemates, all like that there. So I’m wrangling the question of having pagan religion in contexts that can include interfaith (including with other pagan religions), dealing with work responsibilities and other grownup stuff, how to involve children in the process of religious practice, and so on.

Any of you fine folks up in Paganistan who are making it to Paganicon, I look forward to seeing you there (in between the overwhelming “augh I have not got my notes in order!” agitation, that is). Anyone who’s flush enough to consider making the trip, I’m given to understand that it’s a nice little con, nowhere near as overwhelming as PantheaCon is, and located near a wide variety of useful food. (Unlike PantheaCon.)


3 thoughts on “I will be at PaganiCon

  1. Neteruhemta says:

    He he he…….I will be there and I will be making sure you don’t fall asleep at the front of the room by cheering you on silently.

  2. jewelofaset says:

    I wish you the best of luck in your presentations. I wish I could come! I am totally supporting you from afar!

    Remember to breathe. You are awesome.

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