Short, Philosophical Ponder on the Mysteries

One of the assignments I was given as part of my Craft training was to study my seasons of the year. This is an interesting project and I recommend it to others (I had to develop a six-beat cycle rather than follow a four-season or eight-sabbat model in order to get something that both made sense and was functional, myself). When do you tend to fall in love? When do you tend to fall apart? When are your uptimes, your high-energy high-creation powerhouse moments? When are you quiet?

Winter is a quiet time, an incubatory time, for me. When my various illnesses are particularly bad, I mostly become torpid and want to sleep through the whole damn thing; the rest of the time I am nurturing the quiet until – come the warmth again – everything pops free and I have a tendency to engage, engage, engage, making everything grow until I crash in late summer.

So here we are, in the quiet conclusions of the Mysteries, with Nehebkau gathering the souls together and binding them in transformed state.

The seed is planted. I come back to that – I come back to the one communication I have ever received from Wesir: “All things must grow in the dark until their [time of emergence/spring].” (The word for the season of growing, which we are now entering in the Egyptian calendar, is ‘Peret’, which literally translates ’emergence’.)

The seed is planted. As Wesir goes into the Duat, as the grain is concealed under the Nile silt, as the sun spends more of the day in darkness, the seed is planted. It goes to spend its time in the dark – and as these things are given into the dark places and the quiet ones, the entombing that is the planting time – they are given their space to grow, until their Peret does come.

What are you planting now? What is being given its chance to incubate?

A worthwhile ponder to be having.

(This portrait of Wesir is from the interior art for the Traveller’s Guide to the Duat. By Michaele Harrington.)


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