The Guide is now available in ebook version!

You can get it from Smashwords.

You can get it for your Kindle.

You can get it on your phone.

You can get it … uh … pardon, I’m a little punchy and now I want to turn everything into a Dr. Seuss riff.

I will note: the print version is going to be superior to the ebook version, because the print version has Michaele Harrington’s awesome interior artwork. However, I will be (with her permission) doing some blog posts about some of the interior art pieces in the future, so those people who want ebook versions will not be entirely deprived of the illustrations.

(It is worth noting that The Book of Going Forth By Day, upon which the Guide was very loosely based, was Lavishly illustrated, and in fact the quality of the illustrations often exceeds the quality of the handwriting. If you look at, for example, Ani’s scroll – which is reproduced fairly regularly – you can see amazing detail work in the art, but if you look at the glyphs a lot of them are kind of scribbled.)


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