Closing of the Year

And so the old year dies.

As all the dead, we bind it together, make it whole, affix its head to its bones, straighten its limbs. The old year goes into the tomb, into the arms of its mother, Nut. The old year shall be numbered among the glorified dead. It shall ascend! It shall be justified!

The old year dies, and the river rises, washing away the old forms, dissolving the land into fertile confusion as Wernes is fertile. We step outside of time, to mourn the passing year, to breathe into the space that Djehwty made that Nut’s children might be born, that we might live. The river rises, and the flood sings of grapes, as the strength of the flood foretells the wealth of the harvest.

We are not washed away. We are washed clean and purified. The water returns to us and enkindles life in the resurrection of the vine. We are transformed, and the old year is transformed.

The old year is becoming a bennu.

Raise a toast!

Take to yourself wine
May you be rejuvenated
May you be divine
May the mouth of your ka be opened by it.

Take to yourself wine
That Green Eye of Heru
Which came from your field
From the vines which flourish in your vineyard.

Take to yourself wine
From your favorite place
The divine efflux
The sweat of Ra.

Take to yourself wine
In order to protect Atum
The Sound Eye is filled
With what emerged from it.

Take to yourself wine
In order to please your heart
May you drink deep of it
May your limbs be purified.

Take to yourself wine
May you be made powerful
May you drink as you wish
Of this pure drink.

Take to yourself wine
May you drink together with your company
May those in your following rejoice
May your hands drink with what you love.

Take to yourself wine
May you taste it
May anger be soothed from your face.
May you be satisfied with this provision.

Take to yourself wine
The inudation rejoices at what is within
Bent down with grapes like Hapy
Tribute of the prosperous land.

Drink. Sing. Be merry. Mourn the old year. Be cleansed.

May the mouth of your ka be opened by it.

Reference material: Mu-Chou Poo, both Wine and Wine Offerings in the Religion of Ancient Egypt and the article titled “Liquids in Temple Ritual”. Poem drawn from many, many various wine offering liturgies from various ancient sources.


3 thoughts on “Closing of the Year

  1. Arianrhod says:

    Wonderful toasts for the New Year! May we all be washed anew!

  2. […] Thanks to kiya_nicoll @ Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt […]

  3. Ekunyi says:

    Wonderful words to close the old year and welcome the new!

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