You Are Here


This meditation builds upon the symbolic work put forward in “Goodnight”. I suggest that you work with “Goodnight” first, or at least be confident that you are comfortable with those images and the energetic polarity between earth and sky that they put forward.

A further note: this is explicitly a Northern Hemisphere symbol-set. I imagine that it can still work for people south of the Equator, but keep in mind that the directional resonances involved make specific reference to the flow of the Nile as well as the positions of the stars. You will have to make appropriate adjustments.

Seshat speaks:

Turn your face towards the south, the source and flow of life. From the southern caverns comes the flood that nurtures life; from the southern sky comes the heat that enkindles life.

As you lie down and stretch yourself flat upon the earth, keep your face towards the south. Do not turn away from the source, hidden within the horizon. As you feel the breadth of the earth beneath you, as you feel your roots sunk deep into the ground, as you spread yourself out flat and broad as the great width of the world allows, turn towards the secret places of the Duat and watch the stars come out.

They come, bright and dim, stretched above you, stretched below you, seen and unseen stars. As you lie with your head in the north, you are surrounded with the stars that never set, which never see the mysteries of the dark, which guard the stormy north and keep watch through the night. These unwearying stars that twist around the pole and marked the fixed point in the sky, these stars of chaos and the guardians of chaos, are unceasing in their arcs, they know no rest.

As the sky darkens and more stars show their faces, the belt of the decans stars reveals itself, the great girdle of the sky. Each star governs ten days, and the greatest of these is Sopdet*, in whose wake the flood comes, the brilliant summer star who greets the new year. Each hour brings three new guardian stars into the sky; each hour has three stellar children swallowed up to be reborn.

Breathe in, stars rise; breathe out, stars set. They rise at one of your hands as you stretch out upon the earth; they set at your other hand. Let the stars rise and set.

Sah** rises from his time at rest within the horizon. Watch his rising, touch him with your eastward hand stretched out upon the earth. Sopdet follows him, singing his return. Watch him climb the sky, watch him peak, watch him slowly return towards the Duat. As he returns to the horizon, touch him with your westward hand stretched out upon the earth.

You are here: your hands span the horizon and measure the orderly procession of the hours, your face turned towards life, your head crowned with the unwearying stars. You mark the great axis of the world. As you breathe, stars are born; as you breathe, stars die.

* Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.
** The constellation of Orion.


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