Statement of Principles and Purpose

The popular press of reconstructionist religion is that it is academically rooted, based in research and all that jazz. I actually, weirdly enough, take that pretty seriously.

I’m not writing this for you to agree with me. I mean, if you do agree with me, that’s awesome. For the Horde! But that’s not the point.

The point is academic. I’m building a corpus of practice, and I’m keeping track of where it came from, which references and resources are applicable, and what I am finding and what I am patching in from other systems and what I am making up. If you read The Traveller’s Guide to the Duat you will see that I footnote extensively and have a pretty thorough bibliography, so you can go decide for yourself if I’m full of shit.

I’m carrying over that principle of footnoting here to the blog. I want you, my reader, to be able to be able to go to the references I cite and see if they support me. I want you, my reader, to be able to draw your own conclusions. I want you, my reader, to be able to explore the things that I have explored if you want to and build whatever elaborations you want. I also want you, my reader, to be able to just go off what I’ve said if that is what satisfies you, in reasonable confidence that I’m not producing it all from my nether regions.

And, paradoxically, I want you, my reader, to trust me. Because I tell you what I’ve read and where I read it, you know you can check up on me. You can hold me accountable if I fuck up. And because I try to keep myself situated in context to the actual literature available, you, the reader, know that I’m being as truthful as I can be – because I’m making it easy for you to catch me if I’m not.

I don’t expect you to agree with me. (Especially at times I delve into more mystical subjects.) I’m just building one evolving line of thought here, making my case, and presenting my arguments.

With footnotes.

(This totally needed to be posted before I tackled the problem of the next festival, which is nowhere near as simple as the Festival of the Lights of Nit or even the more recent extrapolations building a clue about the Trt Tree.)

3 thoughts on “Statement of Principles and Purpose

  1. Bastemhet says:

    Now if only I had started my evernote notebook with footnotes of every piece of information I´ve come across, I wouldn´t struggle to remember why I believe certain things that I do that I remember reading…somewhere. :p

    • kiya_nicoll says:

      I have similar problems! That’s the other reason for footnoting like a mad thing – so I can check my work.

  2. […] started out early on sort of acknowledging this, the fact that all I’ve got is my own research, my own […]

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